TO PRESERVE the rich cultural legacy of African American film and creative works of the global diaspora, that enhance, chronicle and promote the Black experience

TO ACKNOWLEDGE the creative strides being made in cinema and multimedia disciplines of African American directors, writers, producers and other creative artists whose stories reflect the experience of people of African descent throughout the Americas and beyond.

TO RAISE A GREATER CONSCIOUSNESS about the need for expanded roles, authentic reflections, and ongoing and consistent work and participation for people of various backgrounds, as legitimate stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

TO ENHANCE the cinematic art through new and emerging technology by remaining on the cutting edge of those medium and digital catalysts that capture and preserve our most treasured stories and experiences that were meant to last a lifetime.

TO UTILIZE the cinematic medium to foster a better understanding of how the African American experience is tied to the human experience across the globe, and how all of our lives, stories, and histories are inextricably interwoven and linked.

TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER from diverse disciplines within the creative community to foster synergies among this community, by enhancing collective pursuits through a network of shared platforms and various medium.  This provides a forum for a global exchange of ideas, information, and creative content throughout these various communications medium.

TO HONOR outstanding and inspiring individuals in the creative community for their contribution to the enhancement of a diverse viewpoint, stories, presence or perspectives in film and television.

TO PROMOTE AND ENHANCE even greater opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to create, cultivate and bring their stories and perspectives to the screen.