The American Black Film Institute (ABFI) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals within the entertainment community, along with film lovers, technical aficionados and cinema fans, who share a common commitment to recognizing the achievements of pioneering African American artists and artists from throughout the global African and Caribbean diaspora.  Whether a passionate follower of film, or a creative force behind or in front of the camera, these individuals recognize and appreciate the importance of the preservation and archiving of this artistic heritage for future generations to see, appreciate, learn from and enjoy.  The current goal is for a permanent home for these archives that will give African American artists and Black cinema, their rightful place among the great cultural contributions of this highly influential artistic medium.  Among the membership benefits include:

  • Official ABFI Membership Card for free admissions to industry screenings and events
  • Discounts on tickets for ABFI events and special invitation for exclusive “invitation only” ABFI Academy Awards After-Party
  • Opportunity to attend symposiums and panel discussions to interface/connect with peers and industry leaders
  • Quarterly newsletter of updates, calendar of events and member profiles
  • Opportunity to share ideas, global business opportunities, and information with other members at meetings and organization sponsored events, the goals of which are to promote and further enhance opportunities for expanded participation in the worldwide entertainment industry.

Stay tuned for the upcoming remake of the classic “Uptown Saturday Night” starring Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

To find out more information about the benefits of becoming a member, you may contact us at: