………….FILM IS………….

Film is political. Film is inspirational. Film is entertainment. But above all else film is educational, in its ability to bring together the masses and shape and create common discourse, provocative thought, and a greater understanding among those previously unenlightened about a topic, place or people. From the indelible legacy left by so many great talents whom have passed on, to the current torchbearers holding onto the creative mantle today as writers, actors, directors and other creative contributors, the torch is passed, the legacy continues.

However, the need for a permanent place in the history, ideology and cultural landscape of the American cinematic experience still exists. The ABFI seeks to help shape this legacy, and give artists of color, and the stories of African Americans and those in the African diaspora their rightful place in the creative landscape of this vast cinematic experience. An experience which bears witness to the fact that, without these many contributions, our cultural landscape would indeed be a very different one.

It is to this end that the American Black Film Institute was born. Its purpose is to preserve the legacy of Black film, to honor its pioneers, to enhance its cultural influence and to support and promote its continued ascension, financial viability, and global reach. ABFI additionally seeks to inspire and nurture the next crop of creative artists behind and in front of the camera. These artists seek to continue this rich legacy by educating, enlightening and entertaining those who have sought inspiration through the African American and African inspired cinematic experience.

Won’t you join us as we take this next step, in helping to shape the minds, appreciation and direction of American and global expression, through the experience of African Americans and Africans in the diaspora, whom have contributed to this cultural legacy for so many generations. Through our preservation, advocacy and continued synergies and networks, these stories and cinematic contributions will continue to inspire for generations to come. Through you and I, the legacy will continue. Through you, and your involvement